8 Strategies To Shore Up Your 2022 Goals

Now that we’ve just passed the six month point of the year, it’s time to take inventory of where you are on those goals you had in the beginning of 2022. 

Whether it was contemplating changing careers or embarking on a new business venture, six  months is a good check point should we need to make readjustments if needed. The biggest obstacle  I see a lot of is  fear of extending ourselves out of our comfort zone. 

While fear can be exhilarating for some, for others it can be what keeps folks from achieving  goals and dreams. We must remember that while FEAR is a normal worthwhile emotion, making business decisions solely on emotions is not as effective as having an action plan that gives us a roadmap to reaching our big goals. 

If you are further from your  goals than you wanted to be at this point in time,, don’t fret. Perhaps it’s time for a different approach that helps you move beyond whatever is blocking you from the success you seek whether that is FEAR of the unknown which in many  cases can be lack of an action plan.

  1. When re-assessing unmet goals, check to see if you put action steps to each of them. Action steps empower and remove the anxiety that comes with not knowing the next steps to take. Although it’s easy to write down, “I want to lose 10 pounds,” or I want to be in business by the end of this year,”—it takes more effort to put action steps against each goal. Do it and see if it makes a difference at the end of the year. 
  2. During your re-assessment and every day for that matter, be aware how you’re talking to yourself. Are you asking yourself positive questions that get your creative juices going or are you beating yourself up?  A positive question would be “What kind of  action steps do I need to take under this goal to help me reach it?” Negative would be, “What did I do wrong?” 
  3. Remember Your Past Successes. Recall the times in your life, when you were bold and pushed through the toughest times you’ve ever been through and came out successful. You did specific things. You acted a certain way. You spoke with a certain confidence. Recall your attitude, the type of people you surrounded yourself with. Sometimes we forget that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be successful, but go back to past successes, see them in motion and write down the things that worked!  More importantly, start doing them again!  Empowerment like this pushes you beyond the stuff that keeps getting you stuck.
  4. Project Yourself Into Your Success!  By projecting and seeing yourself where you want to be next month, next year– you redirect your focus away from the FEAR and into the land of opportunity reinforcing the action steps you need to take and maybe coming up with some new steps to make success a reality.
  5. Help Others, Give Back. Have you ever volunteered at a soup kitchen, given someone career advice or referred a client business?  Do you remember how that felt? Pretty good eh? I believe this is by far one of the most overlooked ways of removing FEAR and blockages. When helping others, we once again redirect our focus —this time towards fulfilling the needs of others and by doing so, open ourselves up to receiving. Financial author and talk show host, Suzie Orman calls it the “law of nature,” –what goes around comes around type of thing.  I like to think of it as divine providence that God will never be outdone. It works!
  6. Don’t be afraid to fail! I know this sounds crazy to some, but if you stick with something long enough, you learn from what didn’t work  until it does. Some of the most successful people failed more times than they wanted to admit. Think of Thomas Edison, Colonel Sanders and the Wright Brothers to name a few!  We wouldn’t have electricity, KFC franchise chicken or airplanes without their failures.
  7. Ask for outside help! Whether this is a family member, friend, business coach, —whatever it takes to move things forward— do it!  Make sure these people are supportive and want to see you succeed!  Surround yourself with positive people! 
  8. Have a quarterly accountability meeting with someone who has agreed to be your goal accountability buddy. Put it on the calendar in March, June, September and December. Make it fun! Meet for lunch! Take inventory of your action step accomplishments, focus on the positives that empower you and keep forward thinking!  You DO deserve the success you seek in your life!   Here’s to Your Best Year Ever!!!  

By Jo Gonzalez, Principal, Your Franchise Success

Your Franchise Success team has  helped hundreds of people find success in franchising. YFS Team Members Jo Gonzalez and Dick Bass can be reached at info@yourfranchisesuccess.com or 248 496-2893

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