Own a business? Make spring cleaning a priority

12511034_SJust because you own your own business or franchise doesn’t mean you can get by without doing spring cleaning. It actually means you have to do double. Not only do you have to deep clean your business’s physical establishment, but you also have to evaluate and “clean-up” your employees, business model, ideas and much more.

Deep clean your place of business. This is self-explanatory. Clean, organize, scrub … everything. If your desk is your office, clean out your drawers and make sure you have everything organized.

Do any firing/hiring necessary along with some employee training. Do you have any employees who are holding your business back? Fill positions that need to be filled, give out deserved promotions and take some time to do some company-wide employee training.

Clean up your business model. Restructure your business if needed, start pushing core values, and make any changes you need to keep your business moving in a successful direction.

Discard or stop anything in your business that isn’t working. Are you wasting money on marketing that isn’t working? Do you have products on your shelf that aren’t selling? Are you using your time to accomplish tasks that aren’t benefiting your business? Maybe now is the time for you to cut some of these things loose.

Spring cleaning is a great way to make your business look clean on the outside and run smoothly on the inside. Even though cleaning isn’t always the most fun, take advantage of this seasonal cleaning opportunity. You won’t regret it.