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In franchising, becoming your own boss means you don’t go it alone! Between the franchise management and support staff you have a team committed to helping you meet your financial goals using a proven system that takes the guesswork out of going it alone. As a franchise system grows, fellow franchisees become part of your support system as they have a vested interest to see you succeed too!

When you look at the bounce-back many franchise companies are experiencing throughout the U.S. in the aftermath of the pandemic, strong franchise systems deserve recognition. For many franchisees who took the time to find a good fit, becoming self-sufficient through franchise ownership is now a reality and no longer a dream.

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    Our portfolio of brands’ investments range from $300,000 to $1.5 million requiring minimum liquid capital of $100,000-$500,000 before financing.

    Our Portfolio of Brands

    All American Pet Resorts, (AAPR)

    With 67% of U.S. household owning a pet, and pet boarding expected to grow, the demand for quality pet care is booming. Traveling and daycare pet parents especially love the 24/7 staff, 24 hour webcams, medicine dispensing and odor free, clean and fun environment for their pet. AAPR franchisees will attest to the fact that they love their business and the strong financial rewards that come with it.

    Slice of the 80’s Totally Awesome Pizza

    Blasting to the past is this 80’s themed pizza concept that leverages the fun, language, movies, fashion and music to bring you home-made pizzas like the Tubular, Radical and the Gnarly. In 2020, during the pandemic, Slice of the 80’s grew 18.9 percent over 2019. Founder Adam Matt has perfected the recipe for totally awesome pizza, salads, wings and calzones with strong sales and earnings.

    Combat Ops Entertainment

    A super-charged family entertainment center that attracts entire families, bachelor parties and corporate team building, this emerging concept screams fun! From laser tag to mini-golf to bowling and virtual arcade, this entertainment concept is one of a kind and currently a ground floor opportunity with strong sales and earnings.

    Tubby’s/Just Baked

    An iconic submarine brand founded in Detroit in 1968, Tubby’s/Just Baked is one of the most popular food concepts in Michigan, famous for their steak and cheese subs. With the acquisition of Just Baked, Tubby’s now offers gourmet cupcakes that adds another great revenue stream to the submarine concept.