We Help Guide Your Franchise Journey

Our goal is to guide you to franchise opportunities that play to your strengths and help you achieve your life goals. Following are five tenets we follow when helping you discover yourself and your dream of self-employment:

  1. Align with your values
  2. Be a great cultural match
  3. Capitalize on your strengths and shore up your weaknesses
  4. Fit your budget
  5. Meet your financial goals

Discovery Process—Determine Your Franchise IQ

We use effective assessment tools to understand where you are today in your life and what you seek to accomplish with the skills you’ve acquired. Similar to an executive recruitment agency, we utilize these tools to match candidates up with franchise companies who are seeking great matches. That’s the YFS approach.

We don’t take shortcuts! This foundational part of our discovery process takes time to complete and is the most important part of the engagement. It helps us create your Franchise Compass. The valuable criteria we derive from the “Franchise Compass” guides us to the right franchising opportunities for you. We work closely with you to help you stay focused and to make effective decisions as you move through the franchising process.

The timeframe isn’t a concern for us—it’s all about making decisions when you are empowered with the right knowledge. Our role is to ensure that you have the knowledge and insight you need to achieve Your Franchise Success.

This critical area of helping people self-evaluate is where YFS stands out and one of the main reasons for our success.

Franchisor Selection—Chemistry is Everything!

In our experience working with many leading franchisors, we’ve found that they fall into two groups:

  • Group One: Franchisors who are focused on selling or just “getting the deal done.”
  • Group Two: Franchisors who are focused on awarding the franchise license and territory to the ideal individual.

Group Two is where you want to be as a new franchisee! Only a small percentage of the 3,000+ franchise concepts in North America fall into the second group. They are the franchisors that are awarding franchises based on creating successful franchisees by prioritizing “fit” and “talent,” as they wade through the multitude of franchise candidates.

These same franchisors are also prepared to “disqualify” candidates (in a professional and respectful manner) who don’t meet their qualifications, or don’t follow the evaluation process, (a reflection of how well candidates will follow a “system”). We work with the franchisor and you to ensure that there is a great fit for a franchise-partnership. Similar to team sports, chemistry is everything, and this is what we want for you!

We only work with franchisors that are thoroughly qualified and actively screening prospective franchisees. These franchisors demonstrate the following:

  • A thorough qualification and selection process
  • A clearly demonstrated profile of the leadership skills, experience, characteristics, attitudes, they are seeking in a successful franchisee
  • A positive franchise culture
  • Effective communication with franchisees
  • Franchisees that validate that the experience syncs up with their expectations when they decided to join the franchise
  • Higher success rates than the industry average
  • Satisfied and successful franchisees

We will research based on the YFS Compass and select a short list of franchisors. From this point, we’ll continue to guide and coach you through a successful investigation with each of the recommended franchisors. It’s important to be equipped to conduct a successful franchise investigation. That’s the position we’ll put you in, then we’ll guide you through the journey!

Lastly, your path to franchise ownership doesn’t end when you become a franchisee. We are about long-term relationships! We want to see you grow over the years as a successful franchisee. We expect to be in dialogue with you offering support and perspective during your life as a successful franchisee.