Hiring the right people to help you succeed

22610196_SDid you just open a new franchise or start your own business or are you getting ready to do so? Unless it’s one of those businesses that you can run from your laptop and do everything yourself, you’re going to have to hire employees. Whether your business is new, your franchise is well known, or you’ve been in the business world for years, hiring the right employees is important. In most instances they will be the face of the company and the ones called upon to make the day to day decisions. In the early stages of your business, a large part of your success rides on the people you hire to work with you and help you reach your goals.

With that being said, what is it that you should look for when hiring a new employee? Consider these qualities when hiring and interviewing to help you find the right people.

1. A combination of observant and ambitious. Look to hire someone who not only notices when something needs to be done, but one who notices there is a problem and then does something about it.

2. Loyalty. Will this person stick with you through thick and thin? Is this somebody you can count on to put the company high on their priority list? The longer somebody stays with you and the company, the more they understand it and grow to love it.

3. Experience. The first few years all of your employees may be called upon to wear all the hats of the workplace. All will have to take care of sales, customer service, custodial duties, IT work, etc. Do the people you’re hiring have only sales experience or just a customer service background? Try and find those who can be diverse.

4. Kindness. This one is simple. No one wants to work with those who are mean, gossipy and short-tempered. Find people who smile often.

As you look for those who share your vision, remember that the overall deciding factor is you. As the boss and owner, you must do everything you can to find the best employees out there. The success of your business rides on it!