Navigating Your Franchise Journey

Your Franchise Success Compass is the culmination of all of the information we gather throughout our many interactions and phone consultations with you, including your YFS business profile.

The compass becomes a roadmap leading you to all of the characteristics you need and desire in a franchise business. Your Compass will keep you focused as you begin your franchise investigations.

Our mission is to help you manage all of the emotions and to keep you on a path towards a well-informed franchise decision. Your Franchise Compass will see you through to the end of your investigation and beyond!  The following two key ingredients are key to building your Franchise Compass:

The Why Factor:

What’s your “Why?” What’s the purpose of your desire to start a business? We’ve found that those who have clarity around their “Why” tend to generate greater success. As the saying goes “Seek and You Shall Find.” We take time to help you explore questions around the Why Factor. As an example, “I want to make a lot of money!” or “I want more control.” These responses are generalities that apply to any of us. We view your Why Factor as the factor(s) that are very significant to you personally. We aren’t attempting to psycho analyze you, however we do want you to truly grasp a few key Why Factors to help you through this process. Once these factors are identified, you will develop greater clarity around which one of the several franchise options are the perfect fit for you. These factors will also help drive Your Franchise Success.

Goals and Objectives:

We help you to identify an itemized list of your personal and professional goals and objectives.

Personal goals examples:

  • “To be home eating dinner with my family every evening.”
  • “I don’t want to miss my family’s activities and passions.”
  • “To take longer and more frequent vacations.”

Professional goals examples:

  • “To build a business that has total net worth of “$.”
  • “A business that doesn’t require me to be there full-time.”
  • “I need to generate “$” income.”

This very important list itemizes what you REALLY want and need out of your franchise business. Your goals and objectives should be specific and measurable, and should align with exactly WHY you want to own a franchise business. We’ll need to invest time exploring your goals and objectives as they are absolutely key to the successful creation of Your Franchise Compass.