Be Successful, Work Hard

7197138_SHow many times have we heard that the only secret to success is hard work?

We hear it so often that, well, it’s probably true. There is no big secret to becoming rich, famous, and successful. It literally comes down to having a dream or passion, having a plan to fulfill that dream, and doing it. That’s it. Three steps with hard, constant work being the driving factor.

So, let’s break it down. How does hard work take shape within each step?

Step 1: Have a dream, goal, or passion.

Think about your goal all of the time. Let it fill your thoughts. Think about it so much that it pushes out all the doubts. Know why you want to reach your goal and the exact reward you will receive by reaching it.

Step 2: Create a plan to fulfill that dream

Write out your plan multiple times. Figure out every detail and back-up detail in case something doesn’t go right or has to be changed. Make short-term plans (what you can do NOW), near-future plans (what you will have to do within the current year), and long-term plans (everything else that has to be done to carry out your plan). Be so thorough that you have the whole plan memorized and probably have a few of your friends annoyed because you talk about it so much.

Step 3: Do it. Carry out your plan. Adapt and change it along the way as needed. But do it.

Work harder than you ever have. Work harder than anybody else thinks is possible. Stay awake long hours. Don’t waste your time. Get help if you need it. Do anything and everything to fulfill your dream and reach your goal. Never give up. Look to the future, but live in the moment. Tell yourself you can do it and go to work.

Work hard and fulfill your dreams.